Another classic comedy slapped with ‘offensive’ tag

May 16, 2021

It’s no surprise to see this topic back in the news again, and it doesn’t seem like 5 seconds have gone by since we saw Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em and the hapless Frank Spencer hit by another snowflake, “I get offended by fresh air”, troglodyte.

But here we are again and it’s time for those nobbers to criticise lots of things long after their original inception. This time we are about to see another show hit with a viewer discretion and disclaimer flag, meaning that you should ‘Prepare’ to be offended if you watch this show.

We are referring to none other than ‘Keeping Up Appearances’. I intent to prove that this accusation is total and utter b*ll s**t!

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Having watched KUA as a youngster and again as an adult, I find it hard to believe anyone could look at this show and incite any form of intended hate, honestly I looked at all of Hyacinth’s close calls with her fellow ‘Wanters’, but couldn’t find anything untoward, unless sexual harassment is the root cause here. But it appears this is not the subject of concern.

So we’re heading off to series 3 episode 3 for this one, and it’s Violet’s country retreat, which to be honest looks absolutely dapper. Nevertheless, the lady groundskeeper introduces herself to Richard and starts to make reference to Bruce (Violet’s husband).

So here’s where all the stupid media and news outlets got it wrong and here is where the infidels jumped on the bandwagon without checking their facts!

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You see, everyone is throwing this word about, ‘Quent’. Some deaf eared d*ck heard something in the episode and assumed it was as they heard. Later in the conversation between Richard and Lady Groundskeeper, she quotes the line ‘Quent as a £4 note’, which is supposedly offensive (that’s another debate entirely), but is actually incorrect.

Subtitles in the program suggest that the word used is ‘Quaint’, not ‘Quent’ which translates as ‘Attractively Unusual or Old-Fashioned’. Knowing how our Bruce liked to operate, this is certainly an accurate statement for those who knew him.

It also suggests that a £4 note is also quaint, I mean have you ever seen one? So is there anything wrong with that statement at all?

Of course there isn’t, the only thing wrong is some toffee-nosed censorship pro-activist, looking to take a pound of flesh from a classic comedy and change it’s historical title from Comedy Genius, to Offensive Crap.

And as always, the streaming providers lick their proverbial asses and accept the complaint, putting a nice disclaimer on the programme and tarnishes it’s reputation just like that. What a bunch of kn*bs, but that’s what we’ve come to expect. After all, they took down Little Britain and Fawlty Towers in no time at all.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some (probably the same) t*at has gone on the hunt for other things in our beloved Keeping Up Appearances series, and quickly drawn some poorly sought out conclusions about a reference to a Polish Person, which for technical reference is someone who was born in Poland, as in their nationality, nothing offensive here… For g*d s*ke!

Anyway Series 5, episode 2 is the supposed culprit and Rose is at it again. She’s gone on the pull and managed to bag herself a Lucky Polish Gentleman, sounds like love to me, love at first chat!

But it appears it is Emmet who gets the blame for this particular (and supposed) slander. He is chatting with Liz after learning that Rose is soon going to be getting married to said Polish sir. The excitement overwhelms him at the thought of Hyacinth going off to Poland for a long wedding holiday, giving him some much needed relief from an otherwise incessant haemorrhoid known as Mrs Bucket.

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But when he learns that our Polish friend lives in the UK already, and seeing his potential break from Hyacinth ripped away from him, he rants a little and uses the line ‘He’s got no right to live here, what is a Polish person doing living in England?’. Sounds offensive right?

Yeah it does, WHEN it’s said on it’s own, out of context, out of conversation and isolated from the comedy incident itself, which is actually Emmet just being frustrated that a small technicality like that will rob him of an otherwise cunning bliss away from the Bucket Woman.

We’re pretty sure he didn’t say anything racially driven of any sort, and actually the only detail we have about the Polish Gentleman is that he is from Poland. Was he supposed to give him some other kind of label instead so that our eagle eared t*sser wouldn’t have found something to moan about?

Of course not, anyone reading this probably knows the same as we do… Whomever complained about this should be sealed in concrete and dumped in the north sea (bottom reference for those who know… you know!) because is so far from being offensive, it is just innocent.

The complainers and streaming services, should be ashamed that snowflake culture is tarnishing all GREAT comedy, which in all honesty cannot be and has not been replicated to this day. So f*ck off spoiling and messing with our shows and focus on something useful, like a fair price and more classic shows on display (without the rotten label of ‘Offensive’).

What do you think about this hilarious crap? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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