The Only Fools and Horses star who had an affair with David Bowie

March 2, 2021

David Bowie was one of the biggest music stars of all time but very few are aware he had a two-year affair with a promising actress.

Eva Mottley appeared in just one episode of Only Fools and Horses playing the role of Corrine, Denzil’s hard-faced wife.

Her character was set to appear in more episodes, klllobut the personal issues Eva was dealing with led to her taking her own life.

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Only Fools fans will remember Eva’s character for having a vendetta against Del Boy after he cocked up the catering for her and Denzil’s wedding.

Initially, Corrine was not pleased to find Del and Rodney in her flat when they were there to discuss the decorating job by shouting: “What the hell is he doing in my home?!”

The episode’s most memorable moment saw Del Boy replace Corrine’s dead budgie with a new one from the pet shop after they believed that the smoke from a burned kettle killed her pet.

However, the Trotters got a shock when Corrine came back only to shout: “When I woke up this morning, he was dead!”

Unfortunately, these were to be Eva’s last ever words on the show.

It was reported that the actress had serious debts due to being involved with drugs and alcohol.

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On the 14th February 1985, Eva took her own life aged only just 31. Her body was found in her flat in Maida Vale, West London.

She was known to have an eventful lifestyle, and she had an affair with legendary musician David Bowie for two years.

Eva was perceived to be an excellent actress and she starred in Lynda La Plante’s penned 1983 drama, Widows.

Unfortunately, she was alleged to be racially abused on the set and left the show as a result.

Eva has family in Barbados, with her grandfather, Ernest Mottley, being the first ever mayor of the capital, Bridgetown,

Currently, her cousin Mia Mottley is the Prime Minister of Barbados.

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