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Mitchell and Webb confirm they do intend to revive Peep Show

January 13, 2021

Fans of the sitcom, Peep Show would love to see a comeback from the show and they may be in luck.

Although it may require some patience…

David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the two main stars of the show have revealed that they plan to revive the cult classic comedy, but only when they are “really old”.

Peep Show’s writers produced nine seasons from 2003 to 2015, and the sitcom centred around the anxious, self-loathing Mark Corrigan (Mitchell) and his best friend and flatmate, the free-spirited ,lazy slacker Jeremy Usbourne (Webb).

In a recent interview with Ladbible, the two actors stated that they do intend to film the series again in the future.

Peep Show duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb set for new 'middle-aged'  sitcom | London Evening Standard
The El Dude Brothers could return in the distant future

“What we always say is that if David and I are blessed to be in good health in our 60s or whenever, to come back and do another series where Mark and Jeremy are having exactly the same conversations in exactly the same flat, but are moving into their older age, would be funny,” said Webb.

“The way we have it in mind – though the need to work may intervene, who knows, we may be pitching it in six months time – was not to do it when they were middle-aged but when they were old,” said Mitchell.

“So literally at least 20 years after the show finished, not seven.”

So we are 6 years down, just 14 to go. Make sure you make a note of the year 2035 as Mark and Jez, aka “The El Dude Brothers” are likely to be coming back.

Mitchell and Webb are back on our screens for the second series of Back. The first episode will be aired on Channel 4, 21 January at 10pm.

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