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Ricky Gervais discusses his offer to do a stand-up show in Space

January 13, 2021

Ricky Gervais has reportedly rejected the offer to perform a stand-up comedy routine in space. He would have been the first comedian to do his own stand-up routine literally out of this world!

The Sun has reported that the star was asked to do a comedy performance on a trip to space for an unnamed US TV show. Gervais explained, “I was offered one of these things where you go up into space for 15 minutes”.

“It was like a group of billionaires and they offered me the chance to be the first comedian to do a stand-up show in space. I went, ‘No. I’m not going to risk it’.”

Additionally, he considered the whole thing “mad” and remarked: “I’m careful crossing the road.”
Gervais went on to joke about the TV show, explaining: “These people have paid $300,000 to go into space and have a look around.”

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais explains the real target of his jokes - CNN
Ricky declined to go into space

“And then they go, ‘Here’s Ricky Gervais doing ten minutes’. They could watch me on YouTube. And now they’ve blown three hundred thousand? Look out the window!”

Ricky Gervais has recently looked back on the time he first met the legend David Bowie.
|The pair became good friends. Bowie appeared in an episode of Gervais’ show Extras. In return, Gervais performed a stand-up set at the High Line festival in New York in 2007, curated by Bowie himself.

Gervais explained to The Telegraph the night they met: “I was invited to a special performance by Bowie at BBC TV Centre,” 

“In the green room afterwards, then director-general Greg Dyke bounced over to me and Jane [Fallon, Gervais’ partner] and said, ‘You’re a big Bowie fan, aren’t you? Do you want to meet him?’
“I said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to pester him’. He said, ‘No, come on’. Then he shouted ‘Salman! We’re going to say hello to David.’ So there I was, with the head honcho of the Beeb and Salman Rushdie, chatting to Bowie in his dressing room.”

Ricky Gervais recalls the nerve-wracking time he first met David Bowie
Ricky and David became close friends

Gervais explained Bowie admitted he had never seen any of his work at the time of their first meeting, but he had an email from Bowie to tell him how much he enjoyed The Office.

Ricky explained, “I don’t know how he got my email address. He’s like the FBI. But he said: ‘So I watched The Office. I laughed. What do I do now?’”

Their friendship grew from there. Gervais spoke about the Bowie-curated High Line festival in 2007: “I went over and Madison Square Garden was sold out. I thought it was just going to be this little benefit gig, so I asked Bowie: ‘What sort of stuff shall I do?’ He said: ‘Anything you like as long as it’s delightfully offensive.’”

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